How Does Mary Initially React To What Her Husband Tells Her?

Why does Mary go to the freezer?

What is Mary’s motive for getting the lamb from the freezer.

She was going to make dinner.

She wanted to kill Patrick..

Does Dahl’s strategy work for you did you want Mary to get away with her husband’s murder Why or why not?

As the story ends, it does seem that Mary will indeed get away with murder. After all, she’s destroyed the murder weapon, successfully covered her tracks, and played the role of victim’s devoted wife so skillfully that the police would never suspect in a million years that she’d done anything wrong.

Why is the story called lamb to the slaughter?

The title “Lamb to the Slaughter” can be justified because it refers to the multiple layers of meaning in the story. It can refer to the literal fact that Mary murders her husband with a frozen leg of lamb. It can refer to the pregnant Mary as an innocent “lamb” sacrificed to her husband’s desire for a divorce.

Why did Mary kill Patrick with a leg of lamb?

In Lamb to the Slaughter, Mary kills Patrick with a leg of lamb because it was the first weapon at hand when her hurt and rage over his betrayal…

Is Mary pregnant in lamb to the slaughter?

Mary Maloney in ‘Lamb to the Slaughter’: At the beginning of the story, we learn that Mary is six-month pregnant with her first child.

What kind of woman is Mary Maloney?

In the beginning of Roald Dahl’s “Lamb to the Slaughter,” Mary Maloney is described as a stereotypical housewife. She is happily pregnant and is happy when it is approaching time for her husband to come home.

How does her behavior play a role in ensuring this didn’t happen?

How does her behavior play a role in assuring this didn’t happen? This is because she was very calm and she was nice and since she was the husbands wife they didnt have much evidence to accuse her of anything bad. … Cite evidence from the story that foreshadows this event.

What did Mary Maloney’s husband tell her?

Answer: Explanation: Mary Maloney’s husband tells her that he will take care of the child that she is carrying, to which she understood that he has been having an affair. She did not say much just that she will be preparing the dinner but later on she did hit his head with the frozen leg of the lamb.

How do you know that Mary is happiest in her husband’s presence?

How do you know that Mary Maloney is happiest when in her husband’s presence? She loves the way he sits in a chair, the way he comes in a door, moves across a room, the intent far look in his eyes, the shape of his mouth, and his silence.

What happens to upset Mary?

She is contented with her life and does all that she can to be a good wife to her husband, eagerly awaiting his homecoming after work every day.

What is ironic about the police eating the lamb?

Dahl uses dramatic irony when Mrs. Maloney asks the police to eat the murder weapon. “It’d be a favor to me if you’d eat it up. Then you can go on with your work afterwards.” The creates dramatic irony because the murderer Mary Maloney is asking the police to eat the murder weapon.

Why does Mary insist that the officers eat dinner?

Mary encourages the officers to eat the leg of lamb because it is the weapon she used to kill her husband. After they eat it, she has gotten rid of the evidence that links her to the murder.

How does Mary careful planning influence the outcome of the story?

In this story, Mary is a devoted wife who nevertheless kills her husband when she finds out that he wants a divorce. After killing him, Mary coldly and carefully plans a way in which she will not be accused of the crime. This influences the outcome of the story, ensuring that Mary is not blamed for the murder.

What does a lamb leg symbolize?

Lamb/Leg of lamb Symbol Analysis. Traditionally the lamb is portrayed as a gentle submissive creature, associated with ritual or religious sacrifice (especially in Judeo-Christian tradition). In this story, the figure of the lamb takes on two roles: as both a victim and a source of violence or sacrifice.

What are Mary’s first thoughts after killing her husband?

At first she knows what she has done, killing her husband. Mary tells herself, “So I’ve killed him.” After the realization of her actions she is calm and thinks about the repercussions of her actions. She only starts to become concerned when she thinks of her unborn child.

What is Mary’s reaction to killing her husband?

In addition, Mary does not dwell on the death of her husband but gets on with making herself look innocent. She goes to buy groceries, for example, and pretends to find her husband dead when she returns home. Mary does, however, feel sad that her husband is dead.

What was Mary doing as she waited for her husband to return home?

Mary Maloney waits for her husband to return home from work. She is an attentive wife and a good housekeeper. While waiting for his return, Mary watches the clock “to please herself with the thought that each minute gone by made it nearer the time he would come home.” Mary ________ her husband.

What kind of person is Mary Maloney?

The story’s protagonist, Mary Maloney is the wife of Patrick Maloney, a detective. A happy and devoted housewife who is six months pregnant with her first child, Mary spends much of her time caring for and thinking about her husband while attending to domestic tasks such as cooking and sewing.

What does Mary do when she sits in front of the mirror lamb to the slaughter?

Mary Maloney didn’t know and she wasn’t prepared to take a chance. She carried the meat into the kitchen, put it into a pan, turned on the oven, and put the pan inside. Then she washed her hands, ran upstairs, sat down in front of the mirror, fixed her makeup, and tried to smile.

Why do you suppose he chose the leg of lamb?

I think he chose a leg of lamb because a lamb is an innocent animal. It’s ironic because she is not innocent but appears to be throughout the entire story. Dahl includes a few lines of black humor that hold a bit of dramatic irony for the reader, who knows more than the grocer or the police.

Why are we not told exactly what he said to Mary?

Dahl doesn’t give us the exact details of what Patrick Maloney tells his wife, Mary. What we do know from their conversation is that he wants to leave her and wishes that there would be no fuss about it because that would affect his job. More so, he tries to assure her that she would be taken care of.

Why did Patrick leave Mary?

In Lamb to the Slaughter, Patrick tells Mary that he is leaving her, most likely because he has met another woman.

How does Mary feel about her husband?

At the beginning of “Lamb to the Slaughter,” Mary Maloney is described as luxuriating in the presence of her husband, like a sunbather worshipping the sun. … Mary does not love her husband as a man: she worships him as a god.

What do you think it was that Patrick told his wife?

What do you think it was that Patrick told his wife and why do you think so? He was leaving her or wants a divorce. Because he tells her “Of course I’ll give you money and see you’re looked after.”