How Does The Poet Feel The Presence Of?

What does the poet hear when he is at play?


Answer: : his memory and imagination, the speaker hears the quiet lapping of small waves along the lakeshore that are a constant sound there..

Does the poem convey sadness?

Answer: No, the poem does not convey sadness. The poem is to say that show love and affection towards your mother, this whole poem is conveyed in a neutral tone.

What is the memory that comes to the poet’s mind repeatedly?

Answer: The single major memory that comes to the poet is that of his mother. The “darling dreamers” are those ‘kids’ who remember their mothers like the poet.

Why did the poet feel sorry?

Answer: The poet is feeling sorry because he could not travel both the roads. The mood of the poet is regretful and thoughtful.

How does the poet feel the presence of his mother answer?

The child feels the presence of his mother when he sees the broad blue sky. It is believed that the mother who has died would reach the skies and heaven. So when the child sees the blue sky he feels her gaze on the entire sky.

What thoughts does the poet have about his mother?

Answer: The poet is alone and deeply attached to hi mother. His mother is not just his mother but a companion. He enjoys being with his mother and just loves her presence around him.

What does the poet do after lying?

According to the poem, when the poet when he lies on his couch in a blank or thoughtful mood, the beautiful memory of the golden daffodils flashes in his mind. This memory brings him immense happiness and fills his heart with aesthetic pleasure. … And then my heart with pleasure fills, And dances with the daffodils.

What was saved for the poet?

Explanation: Poet saved his rest of the day by becoming happy by the small thing happened around him. When the crow flew from the hamlog tree the dust of snow fell on him and he got happy by small insurence happening with him.

What do the Crow and hemlock Symbolise?

The crow and hemlock tree represent sorrow and depression felt by the poet in this materialistic world. The dust of snow is the symbol of natural joy and energy.

Why does the poet feel nostalgic?

She becomes nostalgic. … She is reminded of a time when her mother was young and she was a child. She remembers how her mother used to look at one of her old photograph, where she posed in the beach with her cousins Betty and Dolly with a smile.

What does this circumstances mean?

Text Solution. Solution : ‘This circumstance’ refers to the present situation of the poet wherein the poet is absorbed in the painful memory of her dead mother.

What is the poet doing when he remember his mother?

Answer: In the poem “I cannot remember my mother”, the poet remembers his mother while he is playing with his playthings. Explanation: In this poem when the poet plays with his playthings he lives several memories.

How was the poet feeling?

Answer: He was depressed as he was going through a hard time, he was under a hemlock tree and was thinking about that matter but when a crow shook down the dust of snow, he felt really refreshed and all his heart was filled with a new hope and was enjoying fhe rest of the day.

How can you say that the poet is deeply attached to her mother?

Answer: The poem presents the poet as a sensitive person who is quite affectionate towards her mother and is deeply attached to her. She loves ‘her ‘sweet’ face and notes the changes in it as she advances in age.

What do you understand from the statement I Cannot remember my mother?

Explanation: in this poem the narrator tells the readers about his mother who died when he was very young. As a result of this he was unable to remember his mother except in certain conditions when his sorrow increaser remembering the memories he had his mother.

Why does the poet remember his mother?

The poet remembers his mother when the darkness out there in the rainy night was making him sad and reflective. It shows that the poet was feeling alone that night. As he was listening to the soft and continuous falling of the raindrops on his roof, all his memories were coming back to him.

How does the poet become nostalgic about his mother?

Answer: The poet remembers his mother who use to put him to bed every night and then used to look at him lovingly while he slept. He also remembers his angelic sister who died early.