Question: Are Illo Sketchbooks Good For Watercolor?

Is the Illo sketchbook worth it?

The artists on YouTube and Instagram make them seem like drool-worthy HG sketchbooks, but that does not mean you will like them too.

However, if you want a nice art book for finished work that you want to keep, the illo books are actually really great, especially for ink and markers..

Can I use watercolor on Moleskine sketchbook?

You can paint with watercolor and get good results when your Moleskine notebook is made with watercolor paper. If your Moleskine notebook is a standard sketchpad, the paper is made for sketching and dry media.

How much are Illo sketchbooks?

And the price is aimed at students, too. The 8 x 8 notebook is only $16.75, and the 10 x 10 is $24.99. There are less expensive sketchbooks, but illo wanted to provide top quality at a reasonable price, and I think they’ve come pretty close.

What is a Moleskine sketchbook?

SKETCHBOOK – BLACK The perfect portable canvas for capturing sketches and drawings in the studio or on the move. … Each Sketchbook becomes an archive of your art and includes essential Moleskine features such as rounded corners, a bookmark ribbon and an elastic closure to secure your drawings.

Is sketchbook good for watercolor?

A watercolor journal or sketchbook is an excellent tool, especially for beginners. It’s easier to get started and experiment with new techniques. You don’t have to be a professional artist to paint in a watercolor notebook. It’s also nice to see all your sketches or paintings gathered together.

Which page is best for sketching?

2. Best Paper for Colored Pencil DrawingsStonehenge paper is great for colored pencil. … Illustration board is a good option for colored pencil. … Suede board is my all time favorite. … Artagain paper by Strathmore is another good paper for colored pencil and pen and ink. … Mat board is also a great drawing surface.

How many pages are in an Illo sketchbook?

112 pagesDesigned by artists for artists, with illo sketchbooks you have 112 pages of quality drawing surface with a book that you can take with you anywhere. Our paper is 122lb/180gsm Super White Paper. This paper is great for any drawing medium, from pencils, pens, pastels.

What is the best sketchbook for watercolor?

Best Watercolor SketchbookField Artist 4 in. … Bellofy 50 Sheet Watercolor Paper Pad – 130 IB / 190 GSM.Global Art Materials Watercolor Sketchbook.Moleskine Watercolor Sketchbook.Strathmore 400 Series Watercolor Journal.Winsor and Newton Professional Watercolor Journal.Fabriano Hardcover Watercolor Journals.Cachet Mixed Media Journal.More items…•

Is Moleskine good drawing?

Sketchbook and Pads The Moleskine Sketchbook is made with top quality heavy paper and is perfect for on-the-go drawings, sketches and tempera colors.

Are Moleskine sketchbooks good for markers?

#1 Moleskine Art Sketchbook, Hard Cover, Plain/Blank The paper is 165 gsm thick and perfectly suitable for all alcohol-based markers. … The entire sketchbook also looks very stylish and satisfying, especially with its lovely ribbon bookmark.

What type of sketchbook is best?

The best sketchbooks to make you a better artistMoleskine Art Collection Sketchbook. The best sketchbook overall is a great traveling companion. … Leda Art Supply Premium Sketchbook. … Strathmore 400 Series Sketch Pad. … Canson Artist Series Watercolor Pad. … Canson XL Marker Paper Pad. … Strathmore 400 Series Toned Tan Pad. … Canson Artist Series Universal Sketch Pad.

How do I choose a good sketchbook?

One of the first to consider when choosing a sketchbook is the size. For this you will have to think how big you like to work and also what do you want to use if for. The first you can to adapt to, while the later it’s harder. If you plan to carry it around, a smaller sketchbook will be much more practical.

What is so special about Moleskine notebooks?

“Moleskine notebooks absorb inks and markers really well without bleeding,” he enthuses. “The pages stand up to aggressive erasing. Price-wise, it’s more expensive than your typical grade school notebook, but if you want quality it’s worth the extra expense.”

Is 130gsm paper good for watercolor?

Thick, heavy 140 lb (300 gsm) watercolor paper is ideal for all wet on dry and wet on wet water color techniques, and combination with other media like ink. Also great for wet and dry techniques in gouache, acrylic painting, and even charcoal and graphite!