Question: How Do You Comment On Code Review?

How do you respond to a code review?

If a reviewer says that they don’t understand something in your code, your first response should be to clarify the code itself.

If the code can’t be clarified, add a code comment that explains why the code is there.

If a comment seems pointless, only then should your response be an explanation in the code review tool..

Does Google use Gerrit?

For open-source code and code shared with collaborators outside, like Go, Chromium, Android Googlers use the Gerrit code review tool. Gerrit is an open-source code review tool that integrates with Git. For the internal code, on the other hand, Googlers use an internal code review tool called Critique.

What are code review tools?

A code review tool automates the process of code review so that a reviewer solely focuses on the code. A code review tool integrates with your development cycle to initiate a code review before new code is merged into the main codebase.

Are code reviews worth it?

Talk with developers who use a tool for code review and you’ll find they are much happier than their counterparts who aren’t. Most happy, however, are the developer managers that can use the tool to measure the team’s quality and improvements. For all of them, the time spent is well worth it.

What is bad code?

A bad code is when a programmer or coder do program to get things done faster without thinking much about future changes and ignoring the possibility of other developers touching the code.

How do I comment on GitHub code?

Adding line comments to a pull requestUnder your repository name, click Pull requests.In the list of pull requests, click the pull request where you’d like to leave line comments.On the pull request, click Files changed.Hover over the line of code where you’d like to add a comment, and click the blue comment icon.More items…

How much should I comment my code?

That is a cool question and I know the answer! You should comment exactly as much as you love your work! If you love your code a lot; go ahead and write your heart out all over the code. If you do not love your code at all, please do not write any comments, no one needs any more from you!

How do I add a code review comment in git?

Adding line comments to a pull request Under your repository name, click Pull requests. In the list of pull requests, click the pull request where you’d like to leave line comments. On the pull request, click Files changed.

What does good code look like?

Good code is well-organized. Data and operations in classes fit together. There aren’t extraneous dependencies between classes. It does not look like “spaghetti”.

How long should code reviews take?

Take enough time for a proper, slow review, but not more than 60–90 minutes. Be sure that authors annotate source code before the review begins. Establish quantifiable goals for code review and capture metrics so you can improve your processes.

When should code review be done?

Code reviews should happen after automated checks (tests, style, other CI) have completed successfully, but before the code merges to the repository’s mainline branch. We generally don’t perform formal code review of aggregate changes since the last release.

How do you write nice code?

11 Tips to Write Better Code1) Decide on the indentation and keep it that way. … 2) Make comments. … 3) Consistent name scheme. … 4) Don’t repeat code. … 5) Avoid writing long code lines. … 6) Break down a big task into smaller chunks. … 8) Write clever code that is also readable. … 10) Delete unnecessary code.More items…•

What is a good code?

While these are all laudable goals for software developers, however I venture to throw another target into the mix: maintainability. Specifically, “good code” is code that is easily and readily maintainable by an organization (not just by its author!) and will live for longer than just the sprint it was written in.

How do I comment on a GitHub review?

Submitting your reviewOn the pull request, click Files changed.Above the changed code, click Review changes.Type a comment summarizing your feedback on the proposed changes.Select the type of review you’d like to leave: … Click Submit review.