Question: How Do You Get To Canary Wharf?

Which Tube line is Canary Wharf on?

Jubilee lineCanary Wharf is a London Underground station at Canary Wharf and is on the Jubilee line, between Canada Water and North Greenwich.

The station is located in Travelcard Zone 2 and was opened on 17 September 1999 as part of the Jubilee Line Extension..

What is the nearest tube station to Canary Wharf?

DLR stations near Canary Wharf London Underground Station in Canary WharfStation NameDistanceHeron Quays4 min walkJan 15, 2021

Is Canary Wharf private?

Canary Wharf is a privately owned Estate owned by Canary Wharf Group plc.

Where does the name Canary Wharf come from?

Canary Wharf itself takes its name from the sea trade with the Canary Islands, whose name originates from the Latin ‘canis’ (dogs). 4. One Canada Square was the first Canary Wharf building to be built during redevelopment, and stands at 235m tall.

Is Canary Wharf a good place to live?

Canary Wharf is a very safe area. There is very little crime compared to other areas in London. Residents report that they feel perfectly comfortable walking through the area alone at night. … In fact, Canary Wharf is regularly rated as one of the safer areas in London, by both police and independent evaluators.

How far is Canary Wharf from London Bridge?

3 milesThe distance between London Bridge (Station) and Canary Wharf is 3 miles.

Is Canary Wharf a rich area?

In my opinion more international tourists should go to Canary Wharf. It has arguably the most impressive London Underground Station and glamorous shopping malls. The area boasts the highest salaries in the United Kingdom. …

Where should I live if I work at Canary Wharf?

Users recommended Canary Wharf, Stratford, and London Bridge. storyofmylife – Research Associate: Most analysts / associates live in flat shares close to Canary Wharf. There are tons of new apartment buildings around South Quay and Crossharbour DLR stations.

Can you drive through Canary Wharf?

Canary Wharf is easily accessible by road and served by several modes of public transport.

How much money does Canary Wharf generate?

Since 1997, through its own business spend and business support initiatives, Canary Wharf Group has helped generate over £1.59 billion of business for companies in East London.

Which tube line from Kings Cross to Canary Wharf?

How to get to Canary Wharf from King’s Cross St. Pancras. Take the Northern line Southbound on the Morden via Bank train to London Bridge. Change at London Bridge and take the Jubilee line Eastbound to Canary Wharf.

How many malls are in Canary Wharf?

four shopping mallsMore than 200 shops, bars, cafes and restaurants can be found at Canary Wharf in the four shopping malls, as well as stunning riverside locations.

Which companies are in Canary Wharf?

Canary Wharf Group plc. One Canada Square. Canary Wharf. … Capgemini. 25 Canada Square. Canary Wharf. … Carlson Wagonlit Travel. 40 Bank Street. Canary Wharf. … CCT Venues Plus. 40 Bank Street. Canary Wharf. … Chevron UK. 1 Westferry Circus. … China Merchant Securities. 50 Bank Street. … China Unicom Europe. 25 Canada Square. … Citi. 25 Canada Square.More items…

How many exits does Canary Wharf tube station have?

two entrancesIt is also on several bus routes. The nearest Tube (London Underground) station is Canary Wharf (on the Jubilee Line) – the station has two entrances/exits – east and west – with accessible lifts located at both.

What restaurants are in Canary Wharf?

RestaurantsBokan 37 Restaurant. (226) European. … Plateau. (41) French. … Bella Cosa. (24) Italian. … Cinnamon Restaurant and TwoRuba Bar Canary Wharf. (48) International, Afternoon Tea. … Roka – Canary Wharf. (139) Japanese. … Manhattan Grill and Bar. (171) Steaks & Grills, Afternoon Tea. … Rocket. (2) British. … Plateau Bar & Grill. (69)More items…

Is Canary Wharf far from central London?

The distance between Canary Wharf and London is 5 miles. … Canary Wharf to London train services, operated by London Underground (Tube), depart from Canary Wharf station.

How far is Oxford Street from Canary Wharf?

5 milesThe distance between Canary Wharf and Oxford Street is 5 miles. The road distance is 6.1 miles.

Is Isle of Dogs rough?

So the best place to live in London has its rough edges. And walking around the Isle of Dogs, it’s clear there isn’t that much there to do for local residents. … The fact it’s so quick and easy to get to other parts of London perhaps makes up for all of this.