Question: What Is A Antonym For Compromise?

Does several mean 7?

By definition, several means three or more (but often less than many, which we will cover next.) So, if several party-goers out of a group of nine were intoxicated, several could correctly be translated as three or four.

If five party-goers were intoxicated, that would usually be stated as most..

What is the synonym compromise?

In this page you can discover 71 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for compromise, like: give-and-take, venture, negotiate, trade-off, granting concessions, bargain, understanding, agree, bargaining, endanger and conciliate.

What’s it called when you meet someone halfway?

to compromise with someone. The Democrats are willing to meet the president halfway. Synonyms. compromise.

What’s another word for greatly?

In this page you can discover 30 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for greatly, like: extremely, highly, eminently, exceedingly, most, awful, extra, considerably, exceptionally, slightly and dreadfully.

How do you use the word compromise?

Compromise sentence examplesShe had to compromise between herself and her partner. … No, there could be no compromise on that subject. … Do not compromise that confidentiality. … They compromise him and throw on him the responsibility for all that happens.More items…

What is the synonyms of several?

Synonyms & Antonyms of severalbeaucoup.[slang],legion,many,multifold,multiple,multiplex,multitudinous,More items…

What is another word for different?

Some common synonyms of different are disparate, divergent, diverse, and various. While all these words mean “unlike in kind or character,” different may imply little more than separateness but it may also imply contrast or contrariness.

What is a compromising person?

Something that’s compromising makes you vulnerable to being embarrassed or incriminated in some way. If your teacher knows compromising information about you, you might want to ask someone else to write your college recommendation letter. It’s common for the adjective compromising to describe the noun situation.

How do you meet someone halfway?

If you meet someone halfway, you accept some of the points they are making so that you can come to an agreement with them. The Democrats are willing to meet the president halfway.

What does it mean if something is compromised?

“Compromised” is a nice way of saying that someone or something has maliciously broken into your computer without your knowledge or permission. It means that you can’t trust the integrity of any file (program, document, spreadsheet, image, etc.)

What is another word for greatly appreciated?

What is another word for greatly appreciated?much appreciatedmuch obligedthank youthank you very muchmany thanksgraciasdanketamercithank you kindly9 more rows

What does considerably mean?

to a noteworthy or marked extent; much; noticeably; substantially; amply.

How do you meet halfway in a relationship?

How to Get Your Partner to Become More Emotionally Available (Meet Him Halfway)It’s OK to be vulnerable. … Come clean about what bothers you. … Don’t prioritize your needs and feelings over theirs. … Ask about and listen to their day. … Learn from your relationship’s mistakes.

What is a compromising position?

Definition of in a compromising position : having sexual relations He and his secretary were caught in a compromising position.

What is the opposite for several?

What is the opposite of several?infrequentoccasionalscatteredlimitedinconstantscantirregularrandomfewisolated9 more rows

What is the opposite of greatly?

Opposite of very much, or to a great extent. hatefully. uncharitably. selfishly. inconsiderately.

Can we meet in the middle meaning?

The primary idiomatic meaning of meet in the middle is to compromise, especially when negotiating a price. For example, if I am trying to sell a used car and I ask $10,000, and you offer me $5,000, we would “meet in the middle” by agreeing to a price of $7,500. Another phrase for this is meet halfway.