Quick Answer: Where Can I Use Autopass Card?

Where can I use my Autopass credit card?

The AutoPass for Tire & Service Centers credit card is issued by Credit First National Association (CFNA), the bank owned by Bridgestone, a quality name you can trust.

This credit card is conveniently accepted at thousands of automotive service locations nationwide..

What bank is Credit First?

Credit First National Association is a nationally chartered bank that offers private label credit cards at Firestone Complete Auto Care, Tires Plus, Hibdon Tires Plus, Wheel Works, independent and affiliated dealers, as well as non-automotive retailers.

Who accepts Bosch card?

CFNA offers generous credit limits and special financing on all purchases $149 and up. The Bosch Service credit card is conveniently accepted at thousands of automotive service locations nationwide to get you on the road faster.

How do I pay my Autopass?

Insert your Autopass Card into the card reader at the immigration booth in Tuas or Woodlands Checkpoint when you are driving out of Singapore, and visit the LTA’s VEP/Toll Office at Tuas or Woodlands Checkpoint to make the payment for applicable fees via cash (in Singapore dollars), credit card, or debit card.

Can I drive into Malaysia without VEP?

Starting from 1 October 2019, all vehicles travelling across the causeway to Malaysia will require a Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) to enter. Only foreign vehicles installed with the VEP-RFID tags issued by the Road Transport Department will be allowed to enter Malaysia.

Can Singapore license drive Malaysia car?

Singapore prohibits those holding its licence from driving a Malaysian vehicle in the republic while Malaysia allows holders of either licence to drive a Malaysia- or Singapore-registered car in Malaysia. … “Another way around it is to apply for an International Driving Permit, which costs RM150 a year,” he said.

Can I use Autopass for parking?

The autopass card is a prepaid card which can be used to pay for Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) fees, toll charges, Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) fees on priced roads as well as car park fees in car parks that accept the card.

Where can I renew my Autopass?

If you need to renew it earlier, please use the 24-hour Autopass Top-up booths or make an appointment to visit the LTA Sin Ming Office. Book an appointment here to pay VEP fees and renew your VEP validity.

Can I top up Autopass online?

Motorists can now top up their Nets FlashPay and Autopass Cards on their Android smartphones. With the new top-up service provided on the NETS FlashPay Reader app, motorists will no longer need to worry about looking for a top-up terminal for their NETS FlashPay cards to pay for their ERP and parking charges.

Is VEP postponed?

“We have delayed the enforcement of VEP because there are some issues on the installment of the RFID at the vendor. … “We are finalising a new mechanism to make it easier for all the vehicles to install the RFID. We will announce it later,” he said. “As far as the implementation… it will not be this year.

How do I update my Autopass online?

Fill in the relevant information of the owner and the car.Upload Car Card VOC, Road Tax, Insurance.After confirming that the information is correct, click Submit.You will receive an email notification upon completion and your application will be processed.Wait an email for a successful update. Attention!

How much does it cost to enter Singapore by car?

*The Foreign Registered Vehicles Entry (VEP) fee is SGD$35. VEF is to be paid as Singapore Toll. It only applies to Foreign Vehicles. The total toll fee needed to be paid for a car (with return) is SGD$43.40.