Quick Answer: Why Does Antigone Not Fear Death?

Why is Antigone not afraid of death?

Antigone does not fear death because she was aware of what would happen before she buried her brother..

How does Antigone view death?

Death 8: Antigone feels as if she is not yet dead or not yet alive, because she has been sentenced to die and therefore can no longer think of living, but she is not actually dead yet. She is obsessed with her own death and somewhat looks forward to it, is all-too willing to receive her punishment.

Does Ismene kill herself in Antigone?

Ismene does not stop her sister, but makes her opinion of her foolishness clear. Once Antigone is caught, in spite of her betrothal to his son Haemon, Creon decrees that she is to be buried alive. … Antigone refuses to let her be martyred for a cause she did not stand up for, telling her to live.

Why does Antigone accuse Creon of slighting his own son?

without antigone in her life she has no one left. why does antigone accuse creon of slighting his own son? she accuses him because creon dosent respect or listen to him. and because hes sentencing his fiancé to death.

What were Antigone’s last words?

She dies for what she believes, but, is she as strong as she appears? Antigone and Creon talk about her impending death, and he tells her, ‘thy life is mine, and that’s enough. ‘ He makes it clear that her life is in his hands. We finally see that she is not as fearless as we first thought.

How did Creon die?

Creon does not die in Antigone, although his wife, niece, and son do. They both commit suicide as a result of Creon’s actions.

Why did Antigone kill herself?

Antigone, moved by love for her brother and convinced of the injustice of the command, buried Polyneices secretly. For that she was ordered by Creon to be executed and was immured in a cave, where she hanged herself. Her beloved, Haemon, son of Creon, committed suicide.

Did haemon kill Creon?

When Creon arrived at the tomb where she was to be left, his son, Haemon, threatens him and tries to kill him but ends up taking his own life. Creon’s wife Eurydice, informed of Haemon’s death, took her own life out of grief.

Who does Creon blame for haemon’s death?

EurydiceEurydice blames Antigone/ Creon for Haemon’s death and she blames Antigone/ Creon for Megareus’ death.

Does Creon kill himself?

He commits suicide because of his helpless situation, which also leads his mother to commit suicide. These actions cause Creon’s madness at the play’s conclusion. Just so, what is Creon’s punishment for killing Antigone?

How did Polyneices die?

The brothers killed each other in a duel, making Creon king. Creon ordered Eteocles buried in honor and left Polynices to rot on the pain of death.

Why does Antigone want to bury Polyneices?

Antigone’s primary reason for wanting to bury Polynices is that it’s in accordance with divine law. Once someone dies, their body isn’t supposed to be just left to rot out in the streets; they must be buried according to the appropriate funeral rites.