What Are The Types Of Constitution?

What are the two main types of constitution?

Different Types of ConstitutionCodified, Uncodified, Flexible and Inflexible Constitutions.

Monarchical and Republican Constitutions.

Presidential and Parliamentary Constitutions.

Federal and Unitary Constitutions.

Political and Legal Constitutions.




How is a constitution made?

Many constitutions are adopted by the constitution-making body, such as a Constituent Assembly or by Parliament. To reflect the need for consensus, a special majority may be required. Alternatively, many constitutions are ratified or adopted through a national referendum.

Who gave the idea of constitution?

Constitution of IndiaAuthor(s)B. R. Ambedkar Chairman of the Drafting Committee Benegal Narsing Rau Constitutional Advisor to the Constituent Assembly Surendra Nath Mukherjee Chief Draftsman of the Constituent Assembly and other members of Constituent AssemblySignatories284 members of the Constituent Assembly17 more rows

What are the 7 major principles of constitution?

These seven principles include: checks and balances, federalism, individual rights, limited government, popular sovereignty, republicanism, and separation of powers.

What are the main points of the Constitution?

The Six Big Ideas are:limited government.republicanism.checks and balances.federalism.separation of powers.popular sovereignty.

Which was the first constitution in the world?

The 7,762-word U.S. Constitution is generally considered the world’s oldest written national constitution still in use. It was drafted during the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, which convened on May 25, 1787, and concluded with the document’s signing on September 17 of that year.

What are the types of constitution and explain?

On the basis of its physical form, a constitution can be classified into written and unwritten. 2. On the basis of the amendment procedure (procedure for making changes to the Constitution), a Constitution can be classified into rigid and flexible. An unwritten Constitution is not written in a single document.

What are the types of constitution in the Philippines?

The 5 constitutions started with the country’s independence in 1898:The 1899 Malolos Constitution (1899-1901)The 1935 Constitution (1935-1943, 1945-1973)The 1943 Constitution (1943-1945)The 1973 Constitution (1973-1986)The 1987 Constitution (1987-present)

What are the disadvantages of Constitution?

Disadvantages of a rigid constitution include:It doesn’t keep pace with the fast-changing social environment.It hinders the process of social development because of its inability to change easily.It is a source of hindrance during emergencies.Its inability to change easily can lead to revolts against the government.More items…•

What is the fundamental objective of the Constitution?

Strictly speaking, fundamental objectives are sections of a national constitution, which prescribed the ultimate social, environmental, educational, and economic cum cultural goals of the government.

What is the concept of constitution?

The vast majority of contemporary constitutions describe the basic principles of the state, the structures and processes of government and the fundamental rights of citizens in a higher law that cannot be unilaterally changed by an ordinary legislative act. This higher law is usually referred to as a constitution.

What is Philippine Constitution?

The Constitution of the Philippines (Filipino: Saligang Batas ng Pilipinas or Konstitusyon ng Pilipinas, Spanish: Constitución de la República de Filipinas) is the constitution or supreme law of the Republic of the Philippines.

What are the advantages of the Constitution?

First it creates a national government consisting of a legislative, an executive, and a judicial branch, with a system of checks and balances among the three branches. Second, it divides power between the federal government and the states. And third, it protects various individual liberties of American citizens.

Which country has the best constitution in the world?

Which are the countries that have the best constitution in the world? FollowUSA. It has been already mentioned that the constitution of the USA is the oldest written constitution. … USSR. The constitution of USSR is highly flexible and is not at all static. … Ireland. … UK. … Saudi Arabia.