What Does Alternative Mean?

What is an example of an alternative?

An alternative is defined as an option.

Corn as a side dish to an entree is an example of an alternative.

Alternative is defined as something that does not conform to existing or mainstream standards.

Acupuncture is an example of an alternative medical treatment..

What is the definition of alternative?

1 : a proposition or situation offering a choice between two or more things only one of which may be chosen. 2a : one of two or more things, courses, or propositions to be chosen. b : something which can be chosen instead. in the alternative.

What is the meaning of alternative days?

adjective [ADJECTIVE noun] If something happens on alternate days, it happens on one day, then happens on every second day after that. In the same way, something can happen in alternate weeks, years, or other periods of time.

What is the example of an alternative investment?

Private equity or venture capital, hedge funds, real property, commodities, and tangible assets are all examples of alternative investments.

What does alternative girl mean?

Well, an alternative girl is a woman that lives a lifestyle differing from a “normal” one. Some of these lifestyles include: goth, punk, emo, scene and many others.

What does non denominational mean?

: made for or used by people who belong to different religious groups : not restricted to a single denomination.

What is another name for non denominational?

Non-denominational Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for non-denominational?ecumenicaluniversalnon-sectarianunifyingall-inclusivecatholicall-comprehensiveall-embracingall-pervadingcomprehensive127 more rows

What is the opposite word of alternative?

What is the opposite of alternative?lack of choiceHobson’s choiceno alternativeno choicezero option

What does alternative style mean?

Alternative fashion is fashion that, at least at one time, stood apart from mainstream commercial fashion. Alternative fashion includes the fashions of specific subcultures such as emo, scene, goth subculture, hip hop, cyberpunk, and Lolita fashion; however, it is not limited to these.

What is the definition of alternative medicine?

Listen to pronunciation. (all-TER-nuh-tiv MEH-dih-sin) Treatments that are used instead of standard treatments. Standard treatments are based on the results of scientific research and are currently accepted and widely used.

What is another word for alternative?

Some common synonyms of alternative are choice, election, option, preference, and selection. While all these words mean “the act or opportunity of choosing or the thing chosen,” alternative implies a need to choose one and reject another possibility.

What is the difference between alternate and alternative?

In both instances, ‘alternative’ has been used as an adjective (a describing word). The meaning is the same as its usage as a noun. … Remember, ‘alternate’ is typically an action of switching between states, while ‘alternative’ is another word for ‘choice’ or ‘option’.

What is non sectarian?

: not having a sectarian character : not affiliated with or restricted to a particular religious group.

What is the difference between non denominational and denominational?

Nondenominational churches are not affiliated with specifically denominational stream of evangelical movements, either by choice from their foundation or because they separated from their denomination of origin at some point their history.